Zafiro Trend Achieves 30% Conversion from Modi's Virtual Fitting

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A Case Study

A Case Study

About Zafiro:

Zafiro Trend, known for its high couture women's fashion, emphasizes exclusivity and a unique style. With a keen focus on modern designs, Zafiro offers an array of blazers, blouses, capes, and jackets, each crafted with a distinct flair for fashion-forward individuals.

The Challenge:

Zafiro faced the challenge of accurately recommending sizes for their diverse and exclusive apparel range. Traditional sizing methods often failed to account for the unique cuts and styles of Zafiro's designs, leading to sizing inaccuracies and customer dissatisfaction.

The Solution:

Zafiro implemented Modi's virtual fitting technology, leveraging its advanced computer vision and machine learning capabilities. This technology offered personalized size recommendations based on individual body measurements and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for each unique piece of Zafiro's collection.

The Impact:

The integration of Modi's technology significantly enhanced the customer shopping experience. Over 30% of shoppers using the virtual fitting tool converted into paying customers, indicating a successful alignment of technology with Zafiro's commitment to exclusive and personalized fashion.