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Modi Case Study

Modi Case Study

About SOAH:

Founded in 2016 by Nathalie and Lina, SOAH Swimwear emerged from a dream to create a brand that embodies purpose, self-sustainability, and a dedication to delivering unparalleled quality. Nathalie's Swiss and Colombian heritage, combined with Lina's entrepreneurial spirit from Colombia, infused SOAH with a unique blend of cultural insights and business acumen. Their journey from a modest Miami warehouse to a prominent name in the fashion industry is a testament to their resilience and determination.

The Problem:

One of the primary challenges faced by online apparel retailers, including swimwear brands like SOAH, is providing customers with accurate sizing information. Traditional size charts are often insufficient, leading to high return rates and customer dissatisfaction. Recognizing this issue, SOAH sought a solution to enhance their e-commerce platform,, and offer a more personalized and accurate shopping experience.

The Solution:

The collaboration with Modi introduced SOAH's customers to an innovative virtual fitting solution directly on their Shopify site. Modi's Shopify app transforms the e-commerce site by replacing simple size charts with interactive virtual fittings. This technology leverages advanced algorithms and 3D modeling to provide customers with personalized size recommendations based on their body measurements.

SOAH Swim uses Modi's Shopify App to replace Size Charts with Interactive experiences
SOAH Swim uses Modi's Shopify App to replace Size Charts with Interactive experiences


The partnership between Modi and SOAH Swimwear represents a pioneering step towards a more interactive and customer-centric online shopping experience. As SOAH continues to blend style with substance, Modi's cutting-edge technology ensures that each customer finds their perfect fit, reducing the environmental impact of returns and reinforcing the brand's commitment to sustainability and quality.