Mayorga's Modi Integration Delivers Impressive ROI: $220 for Every Dollar Invested

Mayorga's Modi Integration Delivers Impressive ROI: $220 for Every Dollar Invested

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A Case Study

About Mayorga

Mayorga, a Colombian fashion brand, specializes in women's clothing, offering a vibrant array of blouses, bodysuits, tops, and dresses. Known for its contemporary and colorful designs, Mayorga caters to fashion-forward individuals seeking unique and trendy apparel.

The Challenge

As a brand with a diverse range of stylish garments, Mayorga faced difficulties in ensuring a consistent and accurate sizing experience for its online customers. The variability in style and cut of their products necessitated a more personalized fitting solution.

The Solution

Mayorga adopted Modi's virtual fitting technology, which employs advanced algorithms and machine learning to offer customized size recommendations. This innovative tool considers individual body shapes and preferences, providing a tailored shopping experience for each customer.

The Impact

The implementation of Modi's technology dramatically transformed Mayorga's online shopping experience. The brand observed a significant return on investment, earning $220 for every $1 spent on integrating the technology. Additionally, 25% of users utilizing Modi's virtual fitting tool converted into customers, showcasing the effectiveness of personalized sizing in enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting sales.

This case study highlights how Mayorga, by leveraging Modi's cutting-edge virtual fitting solution, not only optimized its sizing accuracy but also significantly increased its conversion rate and revenue, proving the substantial impact of technology in modern retail.